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Feel free to Pan and Zoom to explore our uniquely lovely Ningaloo coastline on the adjacent map!

The pastoral leases are located between Shark Bay to the south and the Cape Range National Park to the north. They exclude the already-developed holiday resort of Coral Bay, which caters for people seeking the conventional camping holiday with nearby stores, service stations and the like.

One of the pastoral stations is owned and operated by the Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation on behalf of the traditional owners of this beautiful region, who not only cared for this land and preserved its natural beauty for us to enjoy, but also saved the lives of many a shipwrecked sailor during the early days of white settlement and exploitation. They have many stirring stories to tell and dramatic tales of rescue to recount.

Scrub, Wildlife and Reefs
For people who have not yet visited this pristine isolated and wild coastline, it is a dry land, covered in scrub and grasses. It endures long, hot summers but the landscape nevertheless teems with Finches, Raptors, Estuarine & many kinds of Coastal Birds. Goannas, small Lizards and other Reptiles survive and thrive. You might also be lucky enough to see boxing Kangaroos and colourful Emu's. Lovely springtime flowers ripple in the daytime breezes.

The adjacent tropical seas and reefs host a rich array of life. If you don a mask and fins, your senses will be overcome with beautiful reef creatures such as Parrotfish, Angel Fish, Turtles, Sea Snakes and Spangled Emporer. From the shore, you might see Tuna leaping out of the water behind schools of bait fish. Spanish Mackerel, pods of Dolphins, Dugongs, Manta Rays, Sharks and migrating Whales are all commonly encountered.

See the Photos page for the raw beauty of this place.

The adjacent land is pastoral leasehold land. The station owners are not rich people. There are one or two families who live in basic homes under basic conditions, often working long hours without a salary, trying to make enough out of a few flocks of sheep to cover the annual expense of running the station.

Imagine how tempting it must be for them to join in the forthcoming land development frenzy! How much the additional income would help them and their families if they yielded to the temptation being put in front of them.

Pastoral Vision
They have a different vision for the land, however. They want to plant additional cover to take up CO2 and generate Carbon Offsets, to help the world counter Global Warming.

Additionally, the region basks in sunshine for most of the year and has plenty of wind. Solar and Wind generators could feed sustainable green electricity into the WA grid in the future. These natural power farms would be placed well inland and would not disturb the fragile and beautiful coastline in any way - unlike the kinds of tourist development that the Government is planning.

This is their Sustainable Vision for the future of this land.

Protecting the Land
The station owners would gladly abide by sensible environmental protection guidelines, as they have been doing for years. Feral animals and weeds are constantly controlled. Sand dunes are protected from vehicles. Whilst bag limits are respected and subject to frequent onsite audits by the Department of Fisheries, in order to protect the reef, station owners would welcome a strict "one fish per person per day" limit.

There is no need for the government to protect the coastline by seizing it from the pastoral landholders. The Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) is already completely swamped with responsibilities all over WA and drastically short-staffed.

It would be far more sensible to continue to enlist the support and cooperation of the station owners.

After all, it is the station owners who have kept this land pristine for so many years! The beautiful scenic coastline resulting from their careful management is, after all, why the developers are so keen to get at it with their bulldozers.

Example to the Whole World
If conservation is the real agenda item for this land, then the station owners are the Government's best ally. The land should be left in their pastoral care, under appropriate conservation guidelines and controls. Their vision for Carbon Offsets and Green Energy should be encouraged.

Then this piece of, oh so, precious land could be held up as a shining example to the whole world.

Instead of becoming just another holiday destination, like those thousands of others that already dot the Australian coast.

Feel free to voice your concerns to the our elected representatives - see our Contact page for how to inform them of your views.