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SOUL ... save our land ... save our lifestyle

The Ningaloo Reef coastline is about to be carved up by the WA Government.

The pollies pretend that this is to protect the environment. The reality is that seizing this pristine coastline is a prelude to resort development.

Developers are lobbying the government with all the persuasion that their deep pockets can buy. An irresistable feeding frenzy will ensure, since there are huge windfall profits to be made, especially to those that get in first.

They will bring in their trucks and noisy machines, carve their roads, pour their cement slabs and build the accommodation. They will embed the power, lights, water, showers and toilets. This beautiful coral shore, the last of its kind in Australia, will lose its innocence. Brutally bruised and raped - something immeasurably precious will have been lost forever to the ordinary folk of Australia. For there is nowhere else left like it.

Preserved for many decades by a freak of history - whereby a handful of pastoral leases were granted to landholders a long time ago - this is the very last undisturbed Coral Coastline in Australia that allows what we might call barefoot camping.

There are no ablution blocks. No concrete slabs. No takeaways.

Nothing except sand, desert cliffs, shipwrecks and warm coral seas.

To the ordinary Australian families that return here year after year like migrating birds - from as far afield as Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales - this is a unique opportunity to camp by the beach in total self-sufficiency. They bring in their own water, food, power and portable wastewater tank. When they leave, they leave their footprints in the soft white sand, ready to be blown over by the next Nor'westerly.

The access fees levied by the pastoral landholders are cheap, allowing even us ordinary Australians the privilege of escaping the southern winters and enjoying the very last camping experience of its kind left in Australia.

We have to stand up for what remains of our nation's soul. But we need to hurry!

Tragedy is in the making and tiger sharks are circling the floundering prey, which is us ordinary Australians. We who have no special privileges, like the politicians have. We who have no large amounts of money for donating to the campaign coffers, like the developers have.

All we have, is our media and our vote.
This is democracy. This is our power.
This is our responsibility.

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